Posted by: thatjen | February 29, 2000


Grumbling, you head off to school, where you slog through another day, leaving for the second day in a row well before the end of your duty day (earning scowls and grumbles from your colleagues who begin to think, “Good riddance, if that’s the kind of dedication she shows!”). At your first ever appointment with the best-known fertility acupuncturist, you fervently hope she can do the Eastern medicine equivalent of a trigger shot. On your way home, you stop to buy dry ice, and the guy behind the counter gives you an odd look. It’s not often that he has dry ice “regulars” but you’re quickly becoming one. When you arrive home you escort your bursting bladder to the bathroom where, yet again, you pee on that damn stick. Do you rip its one-lined surface up in despair (and then realize you have pee all over your hands) or wave it in the air gleefully shouting, “Finally, it’s positive!”

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