Posted by: thatjen | February 29, 2000

Positive #1

You fall over in astonishment, narrowly missing a concussion from the cramped bathroom fixtures and decide to buy a lottery ticket. This must be your lucky day! You’ll get to insem tomorrow, saving countless headaches and dollars in shipping, changed plane tickets, and angst from your mother (who is being kept in the dark about the insemination antics, as she would hound you mercilessly until you became pregnant or committed hara-kiri to escape her questions).

The kids are wild at school, and by lunchtime you’re ready to go home and go to bed. But no rest for the weary! Do you head to the staff lounge to get a few laughs out of someone else’s crazy morning, or hop in the car to squeeze in a few errands (and maybe get something more interesting for lunch than the frozen whatever you stuck in your bag this morning)?


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