Posted by: thatjen | February 29, 2000


You groan out loud at the prospect of a late night insemination in New Hampshire. Your choices are in the parking lot of Fed Ex, or a clandestine syringe dance in the rental house with the rest of your family within earshot (and if it’s like any other vacation house you’ve ever stayed in, the walls are sure to be as soundproof as tissue paper). However, you finish packing and head to work. With Cait at your side, you catch your early evening flight, arrive in Manchester, pick up your rental car, and seek out the nearest dry ice vendor. After shelling out yet more money on freezing supplies, you pick up the trusty cooler just as FedEx is about to close for the night. You do the insems, and sigh with relief. Thank god no child ever wants to hear his or her conception story, as you hope never to have to relive these past days again. But it’s over now!


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