Posted by: thatjen | March 18, 2005


Our flaky Internet issues at home have shown up again, this time affecting both PCs. The battery on Cait’s Mac is dead and it will take a couple of weeks to get a new one. The firewall at school blocks Blogger, so I can’t post there. And the computer in the Common House suddenly doesn’t recognize my USB drive, so the posts I worked on last night for a loooooong time are inaccessible. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Someday I’ll post something interesting again.

UPDATED: I actually can post at work… hope it doesn’t get me Dooced. I put in the two posts I wrote offline last night and back-dated them to match when they were written.


  1. you can send posts to blogger thru your email – never having to open a browser

  2. I just saw that option yesterday, and it’s quite cool. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t have helped in this circumstance, but hopefully we won’t have such concentrated collection of computer failures again soon. Thanks for the tip!

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