Posted by: thatjen | March 20, 2005

Don’t Believe Everything You Read on the Internet…

Contrary to some assertions, it is inadvisable to cook rice in the microwave.

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Jen didn’t want to cook it the normal way because she was afraid she’d burn the bottom of the pan….

–Guest post by Cait


  1. Oh, good God. Yuck.

  2. The worst is the SMELL. The house is going to reek of burnt-ness (it’s somehow different from just smoke) for ages. We’ve tried cooking other things; simmering cinnamon sticks and other spices on the stove; cleaning the micro with vinegar… nothing works. Bleah.

  3. It won’t let me comment on your most recent post. But hey, I want to share that my higher cognitive functions are also complete gone. I think the methotrexate ate my brain! Is this a documented side effect?

  4. Sorry about that. I figured out why comments weren’t working (that would be USER ERROR on my part) and fixed it. More symptoms of IM-DIM(Irritating Mental Deficiency Induced by Methotrexate)Syndrome. We should write a paper.

  5. hahahaha – i saw this and thought – someone else made my mistake…but alas, yours is different – my story – don’t put a ton of rice down the garbage disposal – it goes right thru and will clog the drain! Too much fun to clean up!

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