Posted by: thatjen | March 22, 2005

The Ecstasy and the Agony

Wow! This is my lucky day! Julie – yes, that Julie – read my blog and liked it! I feel like Sally Field at the Oscars: She likes me! She likes me!

But, d’oh! I had messed around with the settings last night and accidentally turned off the comments. The horror…. I could have had a comment from one of the IF blogging goddesses, but I blew it. Woe is me.


  1. That has got to be the greatest feeling–getting added to Julie’s list! I felt just like you did (complete with Sally Field quote to my husband!)

  2. Yeah – it’s pretty absurd the degree to which it made my day! Glad to know I’m in good company (even to the quote).

  3. So jealous!

    And the bowl looks great fyi.

  4. Another Jen on the block? Sheesh. Well, welcome anyway, sister. Jen/VintageUterus

  5. Yeah, I’m “Jen(yup, another one)”. I finally decided to get my own blog and stop hijacking comments!

  6. Hi,

    Just wandered over from the big list.

    Good luck, all us lurkers will be pokin’ around.

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