Posted by: thatjen | March 26, 2005

Life Rubs It In

  1. We live in cohousing, and today was a workday, where we do various tasks to maintain the common grounds and spaces. I wore grubby, baggy sweats as befits a day full of grimy chores. As I organized the workshop by cleaning out a ton of abandoned junk, one of my neighbors approached. I could tell by his face that he wanted to pester me about a long standing disagreement, and indeed, when he started speaking, that’s what he did. But then he literally interrupted himself, looked at my sweatshirt and said, “Are you pregnant again?”
  2. We got an invitation in the mail today to Cait’s cousin’s girlfriend’s baby shower. Accidental pregnancy, of course.

Fun, fun, fun.


  1. It was a workday here too at my cohousing community. Lots of work for the Landscape committee, relocating a large bush/small tree, weeding (with assistance from some hired help), mowing the lawn, general Spring Cleaning kind of stuff. Although a number of my neighbors were outta town, those around joined in… and celebrated today with a common brunch, rather than dinner (followed by our traditional egg hunt, including several neighbors’ friends’ families)


  2. Is the disagreement about the raised bed? Because I thought of something you can do about that.

    Let me know if you want my insight

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