Posted by: thatjen | April 30, 2005

Dr. Frankenstein’s Got Nothing on Me

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When we organized the house a few weeks ago, I took all the random TTC items lying around the bathroom and made a Crotch Science Kit. Here’s a guide to the contents:

A – Cheap Internet tests
B – Name brand tests, in case A don’t work
C – clock for timing tests. Also useful as a reminder of just how long all this is taking….
D – Cups for peeing into. There’s something deeply wrong about peeing on a dinosaur (unless it’s Barney). But that was what was available.
E – Turkey baster. For those times when you need to baste a turkey in the bathroom. Well, in our house, a Tofurkey(TM).
F & G – mirror and light for examining cervix with speculum. Yeah, right! Tried that exactly once. Notice that there is no “H” for speculum.



  1. Okay, you got me. What on earth did you actually use the turkey baster for?

  2. We buy our sperm at Costco.


  4. We take our sperm to Costco. Is that similar?

  5. Wow, so you mean I might be buying some of your sperm? That would make the news, eh? Lesbian impregnanted with lesbian sperm – more at 11!

    Tell me how you produce sperm and I’ll let Cait know…

  6. Five Easy Steps!

    1. Find a man who doesn’t have a car.
    2. Take him to Costco.
    3. Make dinner for him.
    4. Giggle, blush, and hand him a jar.

  7. I am scared of that Baster… I so hope it is a joke LOL… 🙂

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