Posted by: thatjen | May 11, 2005

Kick off your shoes and stay a while

Welcome to everyone coming over from Julie’s list. Feel free to poke around. We’re still in limbo here but soon to be back on the TTC train (c’mon period!) later this month.

Comments are not only welcome, but encouraged! 🙂

The somewhat short version, for the newcomers: we started inseminating with frozen donor sperm last May. Chemical PG on our first attempt, pregnancy on the third (with ultrasound showing heartbeat during the 8th week). However, at the 11 week midwife exam, she could not hear a heartbeat with the Doppler. She blamed it on my tipped uterus (oh, and the “fluff” on my stomach – her word, not mine) and had us come back a week later. Still no audible HB. Ultrasound followed: no heartbeat. D&C five endless days later. A week and a half after that came the news that this was no ordinary miscarriage, but a molar pregnancy. Much chaos, many, many blood draws, two methotrexate injections and 6 months later, I finally reached a negative beta at the beginning of March. Despite our stubborn doctor’s opposition, we believe that we’re good to go after a 3 cycle wait, so we’ll be insemming at the end of this month or beginning of June.

So we’re twiddling our thumbs, counting the days, and… what was that other thing? Oh, yeah, trying to find our lost sperm(!).

On a more serious note, send some positive vibes and healing energy my friend Jenny’s way. She’s in the midst of ectopic #2. It just sucks.


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