Posted by: thatjen | May 17, 2005

Sanity has left the building

Now that I am in the cycle where we hope to inseminate, I’ve gotten just a wee bit obsessed with a touch of manic-depressiveness to spice things up. I was not particularly looking forward to this cycle before it got here – it just seemed like a big Nyah-Nyah from the universe: “A year ago this month you were trying for the first time. Here we are again and look where it’s gotten you!” Then when I got my period yesterday, I was startled to discover how excited I was. The excitement didn’t last all day as I then started to get even more wound up than I’ve been about timing. Today I’ve swung betweeen nervous, excited, scared, frustrated, irritated and pleased (with one or two thoughts about work squeezed in around the edges). All of these emotions have played themselves out on a background of worry.

Especially since we are technically starting against medical advice, I worry about any little thing. Since I started having regular cycles again (after the long stretch of no bleeding followed by seemingly endless spotting), my periods have been heavier. I never had particularly heavy bleeding, so this is still within the realm of normal – I mean, I’m not gushing or becoming anemic, but they’re distinctly heavier than I’ve ever had before. If there are any molar pregnancy sisters out there (Hi Ana!), did your cycle change much after your PMP? What about the rest of my fellow miscarriers? Do you think it’s something to worry about? Oh, and while I’m at it, does anyone have any ideas on convincing my body to move up my ovulation date a day or two? 😉

Opinions and advice welcome!



  1. Jen,

    First of all, I know how exciting and at the same time scaring it can be to start trying after all that you’ve been through. I really hope this is your month!

    As for my cycles, yes, they did change after the molar. I started having heavier periods that lasted longer and I had more cramps too. I never got a good explanation from my doctor but it did change quite a bit.

    You’re almost there!

  2. Acupuncture, baby.

    Good luck!

  3. Hi, there:

    Have lurked for awhile and just wanted to post some good wishes for you this cycle. I truly hope the timing works out and all goes well! Good luck!

  4. Acupuncture, yes. Unfortunately, the hottest fertility acu woman in town is very difficult to get appointments with. I have one for next Wednesday – maybe she can do the acu version of a trigger shot!

  5. Oh, and thanks for the good wishes. We realized that the timing issue is even trickier, since if we were to FedEx the stuff to ourselves, we’d have a 24-hour+ window where it was unavailable to us. Which is scary. So we are getting more info about taking it on the plane with us. Oy vey.

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