Posted by: thatjen | May 21, 2005

And Now for Something Completely Different

Cait got her black belt in Tae Kwon Do today.

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(Do you think she was pleased? Oh, and the lion is a classroom pet.)

The culminating test, last in a series of four, lasts for 3 hours and includes a demonstration of all of the physical techniques learned in our style, history, vocabulary, philosophy, forms, breaking, and a speech by each student. It’s an achievement under any circumstances, but given her years of struggling with Lyme Disease, the stress of the past year, and work demands in recent months, it’s nothing short of amazing. But anyone who knows Cait isn’t surprised in the least:

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Cait embodies the essence of a true martial artist: strength, compassion, dedication, grace, humility, and power. I am inspired by her and honored to share my life with her.



  1. Congrats! We are so proud of her!

    Can she eat sugar again, or is chocolate cherry bread still out?

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