Posted by: thatjen | May 23, 2005

Three Year Itch

With wise counsel from all corners of the globe, I took the new job, giving my current job the dubious distinction of the position I’ve held longest in all my working life. However, this switch is different from all the previous moves as my title, responsibilities, and employer remain essentially the same, while the location and the incumbent cast of characters is changed. Thanks to all who provided ideas and advice!

In the end, I used Emilin’s sage suggestion to make the final decsion. When I first saw her comment, I thought it was tongue in cheek, but when we talked later (on the phone! what a concept! because she’s got great news!) she explained that it was a very serious suggestion. It is actually brilliant, and provides a simple way to eke out one’s true feelings on a subject with a minimum of wheel spinning. I tossed the coin repeatedly to verify that the results were accurate, but no matter how I phrased it, the answer came out the same. “Heads, I take the new job.” Heads. No discernible disappointment. “Heads, I leave the old job.” Heads. Nerves of steel. “Heads, I stay at the old job.” Tails. No plummeting stomach. It seems that the universe and I are both interested in the same outcome: new job for Jen.

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