Posted by: thatjen | May 26, 2005

I Know It’s Too Early for Forward Facing…

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But there’s our maybe** baby (ok, well, 50% of the chromosomes for the possible** baby). If you’re wondering, that’s the carseat* we keep in the car for our 3-year old buddy, GiggleGirl. We hang out with her a lot and I often pick her up from daycare.

I’ve renamed the car the CryoMobile. In the past 36 hours, the CryoMobile has made three trips to pick up dry ice, two visits to the REs office (once to pick up the sperm, once to attempt to pick up the raincoat I left there in my frazzlement on visit 1 – only to find out it had been stolen) and once to CVS for more OPKs. The sperm has so far been to work with me twice (we believe in Take Your Child To Work Day around here all right!). Hopefully the next time the sperm gets buckled in, half will be buckled in the carseat but half will be in the driver’s seat. Keep your fingers crossed. I’ve got my legs crossed waiting for the next OPK….

*Yes, it’s a Britax. I lurve it !! And GG’s mom gave it to us for her use, so no $$ worries.
**Edited to keep the evil eye away.


  1. Gooooooooooo CryoMobile!

    Remember, I’ll be accessible by cell phone until Friday around 5pm. After that, it’s hit or miss, but I bet you could reach me Saturday afternoon while I’m at the outlet mall buying Gigundo Bras.

  2. Dear, with all due respect, you are sooo far away from Gigondo. You’ll get there, I’m sure, but I will START there and move on to Absurdo-Horribilus. Regardless, have fun shopping for mammary support. Underwire is the way to go.

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