Posted by: thatjen | May 30, 2005

Brevity is Sweet. We’re Not Supposed to Eat Sugar.

You asked for it; you got it. The whole gory insemination-psycho-family-graduation-wedding story is now available. But if you’ve never noticed before, we’ll warn you. We’re not capable of tight, spare prose. Would that we were paid by the word, like Dickens. So grab yourself some fortifying snacks, make sure you’re in a COMFY chair, and tell the kids to get their own damn dinner. You’ll be reading for a while.

For those who don’t like scrolling or spoilers, here are links in chronological order:
The Beginning
A Diversion
How SperMusical Are You?
We Now Resume Our Regularly Scheduled Program
But Wait, There’s More!

Have fun!



  1. And there I was clicking on all the links like an idiot, expecting to find the story of the wedding, only to find I’d already read my way through them (yes, I’n a lurker!) Doh! Great entries by the way; you do manage to rise above all the stress in the funniest way.

  2. Oh, how I laughed and laughed. With you. Not at you. Of course.

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