Posted by: thatjen | June 28, 2005

Same Station, New Format

The next 8-10 days could bring a lot of tedium as I don’t think we’ll have much to say, particularly without temping, testing, or any other useful data to report. So AddProb is going to go off topic for a while and photoblog. For our first installment, we bring you a Public Service Announcement:

BURRITOS – NOT the Ultimate in Portable Nutrition!

Bad idea

1 – The culprit*
2 – Design flaw in the chest clip. While it may be an effective safety device, it’s a lousy bib.
3 – We think more food ended up ON her than IN her (largely due to items #1 and #2)
4 – Wondering how it got all the way onto the armrest? You haven’t spent much time with 3 year olds.
5 & 6 – What you cannot see is more burrito bits down in the corners of the seat. Thank god for removable covers is all I can say.

DC Area Residents: This post is brought to you in memory of the Adams Morgan Burrito Brothers. Please observe a moment of silence to honor its passing.

*The food source pictured above is NOT a BB Little Brother Burrito, ideal for feeding small children in vehicles (due to compact size and use of cheese as an adhesive). On account of the aforementioned demise of said establishment, this nutritive package was obtained at a competitor, and failed miserably to achieve the high standards set by our much loved BB.


  1. hey, clicked here when I saw your post on Grrl’s site about chocolate, ice cream AND brocolli and tofu. My son’t first finger foods were broc and tofu. At 19months he continues to prefer tofu to pretty much any other food, but peas and edemame are the veggie of choice. best of luck on babymakin’. The trying to conceive part was hell for us but my gf finally got pregnant and baby arrived Nov 03.

  2. What happened to burrito bros in adams morgan? is the whole chain gone, or just that one store? I haven’t lived in DC since ’96, but I still dream about bb burritos!

  3. They’re slowly disappearing in DC yet being built in the ‘burbs. The Dupont one first moved a couple blocks north (when Riggs took over the entire block closest to the circle) and then closed down when a million lousy imitators moved into the neighborhood. Georgetown was next to go, same reason. Adams Morgan was a stalwart but I had been worried for a long time as we were almost always the only customers anytime we went in.

    I don’t know about Capitol Hill, M Street or International Square, but they’re not nearly as convenient and I doubt I’ll get by much even if they’re open.

    Last I checked there were at least 3 in NoVa and going strong (Tyson’s, Reston, and I forget where).

    But Adams Morgan is no more. There’s a sad sign in the window that says “Closed – open again tomorrow” but it’s been like that for at least two weeks now.

  4. You guys just crack me up! I swear. Somedays I wonder if I here for the comedy or for the TTC info! I love your writing style and your attitude! Heck, ok, I admit it… I love you guys!

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