Posted by: thatjen | July 16, 2005

Same Time, New Drama

You know it’s bad when the insem logistics are the least of your worries….

Bea’s funeral is scheduled for Monday in Pittsburgh. We had hoped it would be today or tomorrow, but that apparently wasn’t possible. Obviously we don’t mind but the timing is unfortunate:

-I’ll have to miss work. It’s not a big deal except it’s the last week of camp and I don’t know if I can get the kids to finish their projects in only 4 days, since I’ve been overly ambitious (as usual) in what I thought we could accomplish.
-Cait has to miss class. This IS a bit of a problem – she’s in an accelerated certification program with four three-credit classes in five weeks this summer (and more to come in the fall & spring), so missing a day of classes is rough. Plus, one of her profs is an asshole and may give her a hard time about missing class even for a funeral (!) and she’s got a midterm on Tuesday.
-I’m organizing a community-wide yard sale scheduled for Sunday.  There’s all kinds of last minute stuff (publicity, helping some of the older residents get their stuff outside, and getting the unsold stuff to Goodwill after the sale) and no one has yet volunteered to take it over. Not to mention that our house is a huge disarray of sorting crap out — sell, pitch or keep? Oh well, they’ll deal. It’s frustrating, though, because I’ve been working on this for months (and did hope to clear some stuff out of our small house).
-I could ovulate as early as Monday (and Cait’s afraid I will, since I ovulated early this cycle one year ago).  This can be solved by having a medical courier pick up the sperm and having the neighbor/midwife do the insem in the middle of the night when we get back from Pittsburgh.  (Like I said, when THIS is the simplest thing, you know things are crazy!) Hopefully I won’t ovulate on Monday and this will be moot.
-Earlier in the week we signed a contract to have our kitchen countertop replaced and they came yesterday to rip out the old counter and measure. So I had to pack up the kitchen in the middle of everything else – and now we HAVE NO KITCHEN for the next two weeks.
-We have community dinners on Monday nights and wouldn’t you know, this Monday is our turn. When I signed up months ago, I knew it was a bit crazy to do it the same weekend as the yard sale – but I wasn’t planning on having NO KITCHEN or a funeral). Luckily, there’s a community kitchen, but I was there from 9:00-11:30 last night making food. No one has yet volunteered to cover for me in terms of setting up, even though it ONLY involves putting pans in the oven, pulling trays of veggies out of the fridge, and setting the tables.

This does provide a nice amount of distraction, so neither of us have really had the time to acknowledge Bea’s death at an emotional level, but we’re really starting to wonder about our karma! Please send delaying vibes in the general direction of my ovaries. And we’ll hope that a bit of Bea’s spirit makes its way into the egg.


  1. Stress usually delays ovulation, right? Here’s to hoping anyway.

    Good luck getting everything done.

    I’m really sorry about Aunt Bea.

  2. wow! That’s a LOT to do!

    I WISH I would have known about the garage sale – I SOOOOOOOO would have come visit this weekend! 🙂

    I send you love and energy to get through it all.

    I know your hearts are set on Goodwill, but is there an alternative thrift store in the DC area? Perhaps one that benefits a woman’s shelter? Or an adoption agency? Our agency has a thrift store, and as we “de-clutter,” the big bulky stuff will go to them, but I’ve been taking trips this weekend to the Salvation Army down the street…


  3. It’s not actually Goodwill – it’s a place called Value Village. Don’t know if it’s any better, but they take ANYTHING and they’re open 7 days a week.

    But I think the sale is being cancelled due to rain – I’ve relinquished the reins and we’ll be leaving first thing tomorrow morning.

    I’ll let you know when we reschedule!

  4. I was so sorry to hear about your aunt. She sounds like a wonderful, fun lady. I, too, hope her spirit is with you both.

    Take good care.

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