Posted by: thatjen | September 6, 2005

Sticks… Ice Cream Sticks, that is.

Today I found out a co-worker is pregnant (13 weeks) and saw a friend from our “baby group” who is now 17 weeks. They both look like sticks (ok, the 17-week friend looks like a stick with a small knot on the bark).

When, God willing, I am 17 weeks, I will look like Ben AND Jerry. Put together.



  1. I always joked that if I was ever lucky enough to get pregnant, no one would know until it popped out! 🙂 LOTS of cushioning.

    On you, dear Jen, however, my gut tell sme you’ll pop soon – and we’ll have a lovely peek at your preggo belly!

    Hope you both survuved the first day of school!


  2. Saw this comic, thought of you two and the first day of school!

    Ozy and Millie Comic

  3. My kid is going to come out flaky and comprised mostly of butter. Mmmm… croissants.

  4. My cousin is 21 weeks pregnant. I saw her just Sunday for the first time since she became pregnant. I could NOT tell. When someone else mentioned her flat belly she lifted up her shirt, pointed to her completely flat stomach and said: can’t you see how big I’m getting? I can’t even wear any of my belts anymore.

    I guess we all do it differently. I just hope that when its my turn I show.

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