Posted by: thatjen | September 13, 2005

99.99% scared

.01% hopeful & excited

OB appt. this afternoon (4pm EDT, so don’t get your panties in a wad if you don’t hear anything before 6 or 7ish). Very nervous (THIS is going to be one productive day at school, oh yeah) but noticing a glimmer of optimism hovering timidly around the edges. Aaaaaaagh. This will be the longest 9 hours of my life….



  1. can’t you post a play-by-play commentary WHILE you are there 😉

    seriously – good luck to you there – hope it’s more good news!

  2. Thinking of you!!! Can’t wait to hear the glowing report of healthy Harpo! =)

  3. Harpo is 100% healthy. Why wouldn’t he be? (I think he’s a boy). Praying for you today.


  4. oh wow! I will be crosisng EVERYTHING, and I’ll be at the gym during your appt, but PLEASE OH PLEASE let things be awesome, and post pictures from the ultrasound.

    I’ll be home aorund 8pm or so, and furiously checking the blog-o-sphere.

    hugs and warm wishes and kitty kisses too!

  5. *fingers crossed* Hope everything goes wonderfully!

  6. Wishing you two the best and I can’t wait to see what the dr. says!!!!!! We love you and are root’n for ya!!!

    Allisson & Mindy

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