Posted by: thiscait | September 23, 2005

It’s Not a Trout (now with Picture!)

That much we can say definitively. Beyond that, here’s what we know:

Harpo shocked and confused the ultrasound tech this afternoon by initially measuring a week ahead of schedule. “Are you sure of your dates?” she asked.* Uh, yeah. From other angles, Harpo wasn’t as drastically huge, but we seem to be having a big baby. Shocker. Harpo’s heart is still beating strongly, and we got to listen to it over the ultrasound machine. We saw a head, a body, hands, and fingers!

Some of our neighbors were gathered for munchies and beer this evening, so we wandered over to the gathering, pictures in hand, and finally spilled the beans. People were wonderful, and their love and excitement is helping it seem a little more real to me. Of course there’s still the terror that we’ve told people so now everything will go wrong, but that may just be the way things are for a little while.

We’re having technical difficulties tonight, so pictures will be posted once our problems are worked out (or once we’re awake and coherent enough to deal with them). In any case, not tonight.

UPDATED: Here s/he is!!!

*But actually, she was the coolest U/S tech we’ve ever had. She didn’t bat an eye at Cait’s presence and understood that we had used donor sperm, so she wasn’t really questioning the dates. She just could NOT fathom why Harpo is so big. She also made it clear that being big is not a cause for concern, just weird. Go us.



  1. Go you! I’m so happy that Harpo is healthy, happy and big. I’m glad you’re sharing your news, too.

  2. go Harpo, go Harpo, go, go , go Harpo!


  3. Congrats! That is wonderful and wonderful to hear all about Harpo and the u/s. Yay!!

  4. Yea Jen and Cait and Harpo! How awesome! I miss seeing your ticker. You’re somewhere between 11 and 12 weeks now or even further? I think time should start to move more quickly for you now.

  5. That’s a beautiful picture!! Yay for healthy Harpo!
    I’m also happy i can keep track of some of my “friends” (total strangers, really) through their blogs now that i’m not a member of the Fertility Friend “inner sanctum”.
    Congrats, Jen & Cait, on your beautiful fetus who is DEFINITELY not a trout!

  6. Congratulations! S/he is beautiful. And I can honestly say that cause I can honestly tell.

  7. What a wonderful pic! Sarah also sends her love and glee that you saw your little one and s/he is growing and healthy.

    Just great news.

  8. What a perfect, beautiful little bean. Oh, I’m just fuzzy all over now. =)

  9. Congratulations!!! Harpo looks perfect!

  10. *HUGE smile* I am so happy for you guys and little Harpo. Big babies rock. 🙂

  11. Awesome!!! Just awesome!!

  12. Yippee for 1st baby photos! Grow, Harpo, Grow!!!

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