Posted by: thatjen | October 12, 2005


Google my first name and the word “needs” and you will find out that Jennifer needs…

1. a cold shower!
2. time to heal.
3. to make a video
4. a tutor who can help a client with their Probability Exam in theSomerville area
5. prayers for steanth to reslove many problem thank you [and maybe an editor.]

A tip of the pixel to Liza and Trista, who pointed me in this silly direction! (I gotta say, I was a bit disappointed that the combination of J.Lo and Aniston didn’t come up with anything better than these!)

Edited to add that Cait apparently needs:

1. a diet*
2. some fluids
3. a bit of inspiring right now
4. help with this AND could really use the help of the Senators [!!]
5. a woman she can talk with.

Geez, Cait, it ain’t THAT bad!

*Not funny. Recovered anorexics DO NOT need diets.


  1. At least you don’t need…
    (Claire needs) “A visit to the bunny planet”

    Great blog!

  2. Yeah, mine came up with “Kate needs more than a Glad bag of coke for an evening”

  3. This is funny. I apparantly need:
    1) Enlightenment
    3)a Family
    4) Receipts
    5) the Committee’s input
    6) A very specific learning environment


  4. Oh, God, Kate, YOU WIN!!!

  5. I think you win with the delightful line of spelling errors!

  6. Apparently, Andrea needs
    –some help coming up with stalker songs
    –to take a bus to the airport
    –a lot of special care
    –a makeover
    I think I’m worse off than Cait!

    Congrats on the whooshing Harpo!

  7. ooo – it seems, I need a root canal, some prayers, and to find some lost loved ones from Katrina. eek.

    And no, recovered anorexics (and bulemics inclided) do NOT need diets!

  8. This is hysterical! I need:
    1) Jenny’s help
    2) To apologise
    3) having been dead for 300 years, I need to move on….
    4) To rest between very strenuous activities
    5) A partner in crime
    6) A table lamp (at last, something more prosaic)

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