Posted by: thatjen | October 28, 2005

Ask, and ye shall receive

Cait has already alluded to how I feel about this whole aspect of pregnancy and blogging, but since the clamor is building to a dull roar, I will share a few belly pictures. Remember, you asked for it.



  1. You are FUNNY!!

  2. ewwwwww πŸ™‚

  3. Oh you are hysterical.

    Alrighty then, the rest of you addition problems readers, I’ll see what I can do to get belly shots of Jen and permission to post them.

    JEN – your belly was getting cute 3 weeks ago, I bet it’s super adorable now.

  4. Um, thanks for those lovely images, especially the last 2. Yikes!

  5. that made my friday πŸ™‚ and I doubt seriously anyone who doesn’t know me in person will get to see my GUT pictures

  6. You Tease.

  7. Wow. You are one sexy dame. I can see why Cait fell for you.

  8. I knew there was a reason I liked you. What was it? Oh, right. SMARTASS! And I mean that in a totally loving and friendly way. :o)

  9. snarf…..very, very funny and very, very wicked. =)

  10. stop labor drugs make me woozy…you a yeti a fembot or what ashton kutcher sees w/ ghot of xmas future?

  11. Have you considered nair?
    ok. enough jokes! We want the real thing!!!

  12. That last one was gross. Ew. You really need to do something about the hair on your chest. :p

  13. omg totally NOT cute..
    nor fun, nor FUNNY! hahahaaa

    cm onnnn…just one??

  14. Oh My God. It’s been a rough morning with Julia and she’s finally settled and I thought I would check up on my favorite bloggers as a way to relax. SO GLAD I DID!

    I nearly woke her up from laughing.

    If I had it would have been your fault and I damned you to perdition for you wicked, wicked ways FOREVER.

  15. Emilin says she’ll help you wax next time we see you.

  16. hysterical!

  17. That last one was just so wrong….LOL

    Sophia from FF and RC

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