Posted by: thatjen | October 30, 2005


I wasn’t kidding about belly shots. People staring at my stomach is pretty stressful for me. My stomach getting uncontrollably bigger is REALLY stressful for me. So the photos are going to be relatively few. But here’s one from the pumpkin party today.



  1. That’s a cute belly! Don’t even worry about it. (Until after the baby comes)

  2. you look GREAT!

    And So preggers – woot!


  3. You’re adorable. As is Harpo. 😀

  4. Jen, you look so completely enbaby-fied!!! Be proud of that belly, girlie!!

  5. I’d recognize a preggo belly anywhere, and you got one, girl! You look terrific, and the pumpkin carving looks really fun too!

  6. They’re just jealous!

    But I know what you mean, it is a little weird to have strangers staring and commenting.

    I decided to roll with it and am wearing an orange t-shirt with construction paper ‘jack-o-lantern’ markings for halloween today.

  7. You look fantastic!

    Thanks for not subjecting us to that hairy mass of man again.

  8. I’m with Emilin (on both counts). Your stomach is supposed to get bigger–there’s a BABY in there!

  9. You look amazing!!
    (thanks for sharing, shy girl)

  10. I admire you for posting a pic despite your misgivings. Very excited for you too. :o)

  11. Yay! Bellies are good.

    Word verification of the day: fdnvadjw

  12. Yippee! May you be happier as you watch your belly grow bigger with your beautiful baby! 🙂

  13. I think Jennifer’s got it exactly. Once it’s definitive that it’s a PREGNANT stomach and not just a fat one, I’ll be more ok with it. Right now, despite all you say (’cause y’all KNOW I’m pregnant and ya got pregnancy on the brain) the average person might be a bit confused. Give it a little time, though, and it will be pretty indubitable! 🙂

  14. Excellent point, Jen – But I also DO think most folks can tell the difference – it’s the “bulge” from the lower uterine area, so to speak, as opposed to the midriff bulge some of us have – just a few random dolts can’t tell the difference – as evidenced by the ‘when are you due’ comment I got the other day…

    But sitting on the subway yesterday, I could SO tell the difference between the fellow “nope, just fat” and the obviously preggo woman, who I gave my seat up for…


  15. I hear you on the fat belly/preggo belly. I’m convinced mine is all fat, but folks who’ve been pregnant tell me otherwise. So I just go with it.

    I also wanted to add that if it wasn’t for the white arms, I would think that was a picture of me! You and I have such similar body types. It is lovely to see – thank you for sharing.

  16. This is my first time visiting your site but I have to say, your belly is not big! Don’t be so hard on yourself. I’ve only seen you from the neck to the knees, but you look pretty adorable to me. 🙂


  17. You look great Jen!


  18. Who gives a sh1t what other people think……….


    Wa-hoo, ya-hoo and all that other stuff!

  19. You look great, Jen, but I can totally relate to feeling kind of weird about the belly at this point. Soon enough you will look way pregnant. Yea to Shelli for giving up your seat! Observant women were the only people who ever offered me a seat when I was pg.

    Also, I was laughing so hard at the previous post. You are too cute, Jen. Made me go looking for some Jelly Bellies.

  20. It’s lovely! And so very close to the unmistakeably pregnant belly. If they don’t know already, people will definitely recognize the pregnant belly very, very soon!

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