Posted by: thatjen | November 10, 2005

Poor Maggie

Best googling of our site to date? I definitely have to hand it to “Maggie a problem of Nestle”. ?!?!?

(Though if we’d been a bit smarter, we’d never have named a post “Sp*rm Sha*k”… I can’t tell you the number of hits we get from pervs!)


  1. Glad to see you’re working hard today, Love.

  2. Funny!

    The best one to my site recently was “dairy + falt stomach” — who knew my made-up-word for fake salt would generate hits???

  3. That’s nothing–if you run Google ads they crawl your posts for hints as to what your readers might buy and change the ads accordingly. I just recently wrote about my children being lactose-intolerant and the next day all was “Eat all the dairy you want if you take XX” or “Lactose-free baby formula” or “End your gas and indigestion with our product.” Dance for me, Google monkeys…I’m tempted to start posting random b.s. just to see what they’d come back with.

  4. I get all sorts of hits from pervs because of my posts about bre*sts and my ONE mention of B*stiality! They don’t stay long, though, once they realize they have been misled.

  5. Ok, some questions and comments:

    1) Liza, was that a typo search or is “falt” real and you just lucked in on it?

    2) “Dance for me, Google monkeys”
    HAHAHAHAHA…. roflmao!

    3) Trista, the “sp*rm sha*k”ers don’t stick around either, but they constitute an annoying percentage of search hits.

  6. I keep getting the “lonely wife pics” search. Trying to figure out where THAT came from!

    And thanks for the laugh. Needed that!! Still dealing with sp*rm drama!

  7. That’s hilarious! None of mine have been very funny.

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