Posted by: thatjen | November 13, 2005

Psycho Redux

Shrieking was heard from the shower this morning:

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I have my mother’s boobs!”


  1. Yes, I too now have my mothers boobs. Something that must be gotten used to … just wait till they deflate when you’re don breastfeeding. Rocks in Socks? more like Pebbles in Pantyhose.. could almost tuck them in my pants ( exagerating, but you get it.)

  2. I don’t know that I was so alarmed as to shriek, but I did have something of a lightbulb moment when I realized that my breasts suddenly resembled my mother’s (pre-surgery, of course). I still wonder what my mom’s boobs looked like before she got pregnant.

  3. My mother has implants. I have three kids. Her boobs look “better” than mine do. I prefer mine.

  4. Am I just repressed? Or is there anyone else out there who hasn’t got a clue what her mother’s boob even look like?! (I do wish mine were as small as my mother’s, though…)

  5. mine are saggier than my moms. first they were small, i then pumped for ten months and enjoyed medium-sized boobs, now the boobs are deflated and almost non-existent. damn

  6. also, i’m not sure what my mom’s boobs look like either, although she did tell me that they were “nice” once. hmmmm

  7. My Mom often tells me how she was loving life as an A cup & b/c of me she got D+ bazongas.

    I’m already a C so when (if?) I ever get pg I think I may take my tits to Vegas.

    Word Verification: bojam

  8. right now – my thought has been I have total porn star boobs… gasp… and all I can think is “I wonder why women would ever get implants” and also “I suddenly GET the reduction thing!”… I think they will be awful post-bf-ing cuz I know what happens to balloons about one week after they were inflated – yeah, that’s going to be pretty 😉

  9. Before I was pregnant, I had my mom’s whole body EXCEPT for the boobs and coloring. We carry our weight in exactly the same places, get little rashes in the same places, same size feet — everything.

    But I don’t know where my boobs came from. I think I passed the whole family, except maybe 1 cousin, by around 16.

  10. I have surgically altered boobs, for which I am eternally grateful. However, Jean’s boobs are now bigger than mine… which strikes me as hillarious. Me, who had to spend half an hour every morning securing them for the day and she who was barely bigger than a little boy… she now has bigger boobs than I. Amazing what milk can do.

  11. My boobs are boring. My wife’s boobs, well, let’s just say we’re going to have problems when she’s pregnant. She’s already D to DD. Yikes!

  12. sadly, I have my GRANDMOTHER’s boobs, may she rest in peace…

    I used to always be amazed that she had to LIFT them up to tighten her belt! (Granted, she was 4′-9″ with osteoperosis, so she kind of hunched a bit, but STILL!)

    And now that my “girls” are rather droopy, OY!

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