Posted by: thatjen | November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!

10 Things I’m Grateful For:

1) That so far so good all looks wondeful with Harpo and that with any luck we may bring home the baby we want so much
2) CAIT, especially for putting up with my pregnancy-heightened crankiness
3) My family. They may drive me mad, but boy can they make me laugh.
4) everyone I’ve gotten to know (or know better) online – you’re all great!
5) Coffee Haagen Dasz, even though I haven’t had any in a long time (see? you guys rank ABOVE CHD!!)
7) our community
8) we both have good jobs that we enjoy with pay and benefits that allow us to live a pretty damn good life
9) Snow! It snowed a teeny bit last night and it was pretty.
10) CAIT – all the rest of this would be crap without her

and a gratuitous 11) Thanks to Shelli & Estelle for encouraging this one!

I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving! We’re off to Detroit NOW.



  1. We got some of that snow last night, too, and it was so perfect and beautiful! It didn’t last long, but the timing seemed just right. Have a safe trip, girls!

  2. Happy thanksgiving to you, too! Enjoy the insanity and family drama!


  3. That snow turned out to be a BIG headache for all that it was just a bunch of flurries that didn’t stick. Somehow, despite the non-sticking, it snarled up our flight the following morning so we spent the majority of Thanksgiving Day at the mercy of the airlines. It all worked out in the end but it was quite crappy for a while.

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