Posted by: thatjen | November 29, 2005

A Sip off the Ole Block

As succumbed to temptation and indulged in my ONE guilty pleasure this afternoon – a nice cold Coca-cola* – I discovered that Harpo loves him some Coke, too! He is dancing up a storm in there!

As our friend Giggle Girl would say, “He’s just like he’s mommy!”

*Yes, yes, I know about the risks of caffeine. I feel guilty. But dammit, I’m doing everything else right that I can.


  1. a little soda here and there is FINE!

    Just don’t make it a 12 times per day habit, and you and Harpo willbe just fine.

    The first GYN that we saw and who did a few insems for us told me not to worry about the coffee thing. She said: “at MOST, it would make the kid a little hyper for about 10 minutes.”

    And that’s IT!

    So enjoy the coca cola dear, and don’t you worry!

  2. All the most recent studies on caffeine during pregnancy say it would take a daily dose of six cups of coffee to have any impact on the pregnancy.

    No worries for you and your soda!

  3. You know, EVERYTHING is a risk depending on whom you’re consulting. My pal from work drank a Diet Coke (RAPTURE!) every single morning during both of her pregnancies, and she has two beautiful, healthy, smart kids.

  4. I agree with the previous posts. From what I’ve read you’d have to drink a lot more caffeine to do any harm. I’ve cut Diet Coke from my life, but I still have my morning coffee. But wait…you’re pregnant and I’m not. Or am I???

  5. i craved cola when pregnant with my third, i usualy stay off of all caffine no problem when pregnant, but not that time. so i researched a little and found that you can have 200 mg daily of caffine with no effect. this is according to the mayo clinic book of pregnancy & the first year. so enjoy and don’t feel guilty!

  6. I have a cup of coffee every morning, and sometimes, I have another cup later in the day. My lovely wife got worried, so we re-checked with our midwives, who assured us that I wasn’t putting Lil Smudge in any danger from that amount of caffine.

    IMO, moderation is the key. And listening to your body. If you feel fine and Harpo seems ok, have a coke when you want to have one.

  7. what else can I say but ditto?

    *hands you a daily can of Coca-Cola*

  8. You are a horrible mother, and Harpo is going to grow up and be a night-time toll collector now. KIDDING! I had a caffeinated beverage a few times during my third pregnancy, and my little guy…is currently in the hospital. Which sounds like a bad example, but I doubt the odd Coke caused him to catch RSV. You’re fine.

  9. Is Harpo doing that dance that Adrian Brody does when HE drinks coke? THAT is cool. Go Harpo, go Harpo!

  10. Does this mean Harpo is a boy? Or did I already miss this announcment?

  11. Thanks for the support, guys! I really wasn’t that worried – I was excited that s/he lurves the magic elixir as much as I do! 🙂

    And no, Cari, we don’t know the sex, but we do generally refer to Harpo as “he”. Which is weird for a huge feminist. But to say “he/she” is awkward, “it” sounds really weird, and when you get right down to it… we both think, FOR NO GOOD REASON, that it’s probably a boy. I repeat, WE HAVE NO REASON TO BELIEVE THAT. We refused to allow the u/s tech to tell us the sex. We have not had any other testing. We DO NOT KNOW the sex. But we say “he”, mostly.

  12. Oh, and “he’s just like he’s mommy” is actually a direct quote from Giggles, but that’s something only Cait would know about….

    (She was talking about another kid.)

  13. I agree with everyone else on the caffeine thing, although I didn’t have much during my own pregnancy because coffee (like everything else) really grossed me out. But now that you know it’s okay, how about some of that Hagen Daaz coffee ice cream you so love???

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