Posted by: thatjen | December 15, 2005

Good things come to those who… urinate

I pee all the time now (which I do believe I’ve mentioned before) so it’s no surprise that I ended up using the bathroom in the nurse’s office yesterday on one of my many trips. As I walked back past her desk she smiled and said, “Can I ask you a question?” and I nodded. “Are you planning to breastfeed?” she inquired.

“Yes,” I said, thinking she was going to tell me how good it was for the baby’s health. Instead, she asked another question: “Do you want a breast pump?”

I needed both hands to pick up my jaw and return it to its rightful place, but I got it together and murmured, “Yes, yes, that would be great.” And without further ado, she reached under her desk and pulled out a Pump In Style. Just like that.

Made my day!



  1. i think an offer like that would make me pee AGAIN!!!

    wow! how wonderful!

  2. Kickass!

  3. I too inhereted a Pump in Style, and it works really well. I would say it works as well as hospital pumps, in fact. I have filled my freezer (literally) with expressed milk thanks to that pump. Here’s an admittedly RIDUCULOUS looking accessory to go with it that surprisingly works so well that it made my pumping experience much better and more productive:
    It makes pumping less messy, too. My husband thought the woman in the picture was supposed to be a sex phone operator.

  4. That’s awesome!

  5. Fantastic! What a great surprise for you!!

  6. wow! That’s SO awesome!

  7. Wow! That’s great! I wonder if she gets them regularly- that would be such a fun part of the job- to just pull out a surprise present for somebody and make them smile now and then. Good for you!

  8. too cool! aren’t you a lucky girl?

  9. SWEET!

  10. very cool!
    wonder what other door prizes she has in her desk?!

  11. I’m inheriting one too! We go get it at Christmas.

    JB, that is the funniest looking accessory I’ve ever seen. I agree w/ your husband. Which is not to say it doesn’t look convenient!

  12. I inherited my Pump in Style, too, also thanks to the mysterious and wonderful baby mafia, which unexpectedly hands things on to the next generation of parents-to-be.

    The nursing corset thing isn’t a bad idea, but a lot of nursing bras have the drop down flaps. If you drop down both flaps, they can often hold the bottles in place while you pump. Even better, if you put a little Lansinoh on the cups where they’ll touch the breasts,it makes a seal that helps make letdown REALLY fast and does most of the work of holding the bottles in place, so the bra only needs to offer a little support.

    The weird things you figure out…

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