Posted by: thatjen | December 20, 2005

Dan, Don’t Read This

I’m just sayin’…

…pregnancy and low-flow toilets don’t mix.

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  1. Ha!

  2. huh?

  3. I believe that she’s implying that she needs a toilet with a more powerful flusher. I could be wrong. I would have, so, well, you know…

  4. is that my poor dan you’re trying to protect from gastrointestinal details?

  5. Yes, Andrea, but don’t worry. The universe got back at me with a nasty stomach flu. I am spending much more time with, and thinking about, my toilet than I ever wanted.

  6. Oh, many sympathies, hon……..Honestly, I don’t think there’s EVER a good time for a low-flow….

  7. hope you feel better!
    no fun

  8. Get that woman a powerful toilet, will ya! I’d personally like an automatic conveyor belt that will deliver me to the toilet with the push of a button.

  9. Happy holidays!

    I hope the new year brings many blessings for you.

    Love, Sassy.

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