Posted by: thatjen | December 30, 2005


We’ve got a few glorious days left of our winter break, and we’re making the most of it!

  • Cait’s getting in all the sleep she can, and we’re pursuing a variety of projects around the house (more on that later).
  • I am indeed having fun with my iPod. I got a multi-disk CD player years ago and thought it was the coolest thing to shuffle 5 or 7 CDs at a time… now I am shuffling COUNTLESS CDs. It’s bizarre bliss… from Abba to Beethoven all the way to Zrazy!
  • Sometime yesterday, we made it to 50,000 hits here at AdProb! Thanks for coming along for the ride! I was going to try and figure out who the lucky 50,000er was but you guys were too fast for me (the free version of Site Meter only keeps the info on the most recent 100 hits).
  • I’m also embarking on another knitting project. In pursuit of a particular yarn, I have discovered the BEST STREET NAME EVER. Take a look:

    Image hosted by

  • We bought a bunch of cloth diapers from Craigslist. Some of them have a faint odor, and I am trying to get it out. I’ve washed them repeatedly without soap and they’re hanging in the (limited) sun as we speak. I think the prefolds will be fine after this. The covers (Bummis) may prove to be more of a problem. CDers, any suggestions would be welcome.

Well, enough thinking and typing for now. Back to sloth and indolence!



  1. Ooohhh, that sucks about the smell. What we do when they get stinky is wash them in SUPER HOT water with a VERY small amout of detergent (we use allens nautrally)and then rinse them twice in cold water and dry them a bit in the dryer and then outside. I have found the fuzzi bunz webpage helpful for oder remedies. Good luck! If you need more diapers let us know…we are pretty much done with our fuzzi bunz with inserts (medium and large sizes) and about 8 prefolds.

  2. Try Bio Kleen detergent. I really liked it and found it helped with odors.

  3. Finn, we are very interested! E-mail me at additionproblems @ gmail .com Thanks!

  4. I am a Zrazy freak! I’ve seen them perform about a half dozen times, and I can’t get enough of them!! Glad you’re enjoying your iPod.

  5. The weekend Cait and I met, we went to a Zrazy concert. We weren’t dating (THAT took an eternity and is a story for another time) but Zrazy has always been very special to us. And I had a bit of a crush on Carole for a while….

  6. What’s so great about Town Center Blvd.?

    Friends of ours said that using soap with enzymes and letting the diapers soak in it (fill the washer with soapy water, then turn off) for ~30 minutes really helped. We, obviously, don’t cloth diaper. yet.

  7. Yer just contumacious, Brooke…

  8. I’m so jealous! I actually wanted to use cloth diapers, but Mr. W vetoed that one. Since I knew I’d need him to change the occasional diaper, I had to give in — he flat refused to do a cloth diaper.

  9. For the diaper/bumies odor – nothing beats “Surf” soap powder with about a cup of baking soda.
    Then wash them all in a baby friendly soap – and good luck.

  10. I do with ours exactly what your doing, I wash them in hot water over and over without soap. It has worked so far when the dipes get stinky!

  11. I don’t CD, but my aunt did with all four of hers (bless her) and says soak them in hot water with BORAX and that’ll get out the most vile of odors.

  12. Try adding vinegar to your hot wash. We have used all different kinds of cloth diapers, and have had the best luck with Allen’s naturally and vinegar. You can also add a couple of drops of tea tree oil, both for the smell and the anti-bacterial properties. And have you visited Lots of great info in the forums there.This chart was helpful to me, as was info at Good luck!

  13. Oops, forgot to leave the link to the chart….here it is.

  14. Anon, that detergent chart is AWESOME. Thanks for the link!

  15. Congrats on 50 grand!

  16. Congrats on your 50,000! It could’ve been me who was the 50,000th… . I have a group of blogs I check every time I go online as a matter of habit and, well, at this point a connection to the outside world. So blog on! You have some obsessive/downright nosy readers who love to hear what’s going on, and you do write so nicely.

  17. Diapers – they need to be stripped – you don’t need to use more detergent. Just turn up your water heater and do hot wash, cool rinse a whole lotta times. Like, until when it’s agitating, you see NO SOAP in the water. If you are seeing bubbles, they have buildup still. Sometimes it takes like 10 washes.

  18. Good job on going the CD route. I found that you can get smell out by washing with little or no detergent, about a cup of baking soda and then a splash of vinegar in the final rinse. Then wash them again with nothing in the wash. Even try sprinkling them with baking soda a day or two before washing them to absorb some odor.

  19. Since you’re using used diapers, I would bleach them once. I would never recommend bleaching dipes except in extreme cases, and of course, used ones.
    Hit em with some bleach, then wash them on hot several times with NO detergent, and dry em in the sun. I generally wash Charlie’s in hot with SOAP (not detergent, but actual soap) and double rinse in warm with vinegar and if there is any soap bubbles left I hit em with another hot wash/warm rinse, and I hang dry them with about 15 minutes in the dryer at the end to fluff them up.
    I just bleached his stash (about 1 teaspoonful to a full wash) for the first time about 2 weeks ago, after 4 months of using the same stash. Smell was gone.
    Also, hemp and polyester really hold odors. So remember that next time you’re looking!
    And the covers, well… you might be SOL on that.

  20. We have had a lot of luck using Bio-Kleen Bac-Out to get the smell out of our diapers. We wash with Allens but when we need to soak them, this has been the best for us. Good luck!

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