Posted by: thatjen | January 24, 2006

Three-Hour GTT (Grossness, Tortured veins, & Tedium)

If you haven’t had the pleasure of either the one- or three-hour glucose tolerance test, it basically consists of this: force yourself to swallow an orange syrup that tastes like a cold, melted lollipop (except it’s more like 30 lollipops for the one-hour and 60 lollipops for the three-hour) and then surrender your veins to the vampires. Interspersed with A LOT of waiting, some nausea, lightheadedness and the shakes (if your body doesn’t like all that sugar on an empty stomach). One blood draw for the one-hour; four for the three-hour. Which meant in my case 6 or 7 punctures. But it’s done now, and all that’s left is the waiting for the results. Have you noticed there’s a lot of waiting in the whole getting, staying, and being pregnant (or otherwise acquiring a kid) process??



  1. I hope the results of your test are good. And yes – I have noticed that there is a WHOLE lot of waiting involved in this process. At least you’re closer to the end of the ultimate 9 month wait. 🙂

  2. eek! When do they tell you?

  3. It’s true — there’s a ton of waiting. And much icky bloodwork.

    Good luck! I loathed the 1 hour test and was barely able to keep the nasty orange syrup-drink down. I don’t know how you managed the 3 hour.

  4. I remember the 3-hour one. Blech! Glad you lived to tell the tale, and I’m crossing my fingers for you.

  5. yuk!
    hoping for good results!!!

  6. I’ve now found the thing I’m least looking forward to about pregnancy. I got queasy just thinking about swallowing that much sugar. Ugh. I hope all that trouble yields a positive result. Actually, I hope it’s NEGATIVE.

  7. Ewww… I did the 3 hour too – not for pregnancy though, mine was for good ‘ol Type 2…
    The best way I could think of to describe it was like M*Donal*s orange drink concentrate… or maybe like orange Cr*sh that had gone flat and had several tablespoons of sugar added to it…

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