Posted by: thiscait | February 9, 2006

Holy Shit

After our appointment with the midwives today, we scheduled our appointments for the rest of the pregnancy. Right up to our first non-stress test at 41 weeks. It’s only 6 more. Yes, I realize we could be in there for multiple non-stress tests beyond that one, thereby making it not exactly scheduled through the end of the pregnancy. That’s not my point. My point is that we’re close enough to have scheduled all of that.

And in other parts of the blogosphere, babies are coming out of people. Babies. Coming out of people. It actually works. This pregnancy thing ends in babies. Who knew?

Sunday night, Harpo had a disco party. We lay in bed and started at Jen’s belly as it jumped and wiggled and bounced. Harps, I know you like the night life baby, but the installation of the disco ball has really taken up a lot of valuable real estate in your mother’s abdomen. And the stretching routines? A little over the top. Although I really do love the way she looks down and says, “what ARE you doing to me, kid?”



  1. My life is on hold because I am dying–DYING, I tell you–to hear news of Em and B. I know there’s a baby…do we really have to WAIT for more?????

  2. Awesome. So excited for you both! And yes, it does actually work – I have two here to prove it.
    PS- Thanks to the disco reference, you have me picturing a fetus wearing a gold medallion and a white leisure suit.

  3. I can tell by the way Harpo walks…

    as long as s/he doesn’t come out with a fondness for pantsuits.

  4. I’m sure Harpo has some great dance moves! Well, anyone would have better dance moves than myself. *blush*

  5. I am so happy for you guys. There is nothing like feeling and watching a baby kick and dance in a gorgeous big tummy.

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