Posted by: thatjen | February 12, 2006

Weather Report

While we didn’t get the 26 inches of snow that NYC and parts north got, we did get 8 or 9 inches, which is a pretty good snowfall for here. It was enough that my wimpy school district has already decided to stay closed tomorrow (woohoo!). Cait’s school, in the city, has not yet decided and is unlikely to be closed. The disparate rates of school closure between our employers is a frequent source of wintertime domestic tension, sadly. So please, entreat the universe in a religious or secular manner on my behalf that Cait’s school miraculously decides to close tomorrow, too!

Snow has been rare this winter, but we have had a couple of phenomenal showers, and we realize we have never shared them with you. First, a bit of insight into what the shower in Detroit was like:

Yes, Cait’s mom knows how to throw a baby shower, indeed. While no lampshades were worn, the punchbowl did get a second life as a chapeau.

Em and Brooke were among the guests on that festive occasion. While Em likely no longer looks like this, given the arrival of Miss Sanna (yippee!), I look much the same, only bigger.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Harpo got many wonderful presents at the shower, and it was wonderful to have the love and support of so many people. Cait had been worried beforehand that her relatives might not view this as “her” baby and would not come to the shower, but we were blown away by their excitement over the baby. Virtually all of her huge extended family plus many family friends were there and heaped wonderful, adorable blankets, clothes and toys on the lucky, lucky Harpo (and his moms!).

This weekend some of my mom’s friends had a shower for us and it was equally great — but more sedate, I have to say. Nothing unusual was worn on any heads. Ah well, the DC suburbs just can’t party like Motown can.

Harpo’s wardrobe will reflect the eclectic nature of our lives and families. Clothing so far ranges from a tie-dyed onesie to a Burberry sweater to college logo shirts:

A prize gift was a gorgeous Moses basket*, which will apparently take care of Harpo’s sleeping arrangements for the next four years, as demonstrated by Giggle Girl.

As a result, we’ve started doing a lot of pre-baby laundry, which I have to say is a LOT more fun than ordinary washing. Look at how cute this stuff is:

Plus, we’ve gotten gifts and hand-me-downs from blogfriends and neighbors. Harpo’s gonna be one well-dressed** and geared kid! We’re just overwhelmed by all the love!

With showers like these, I could even get to like rain.

*Endearingly, my stepfather thinks it is called a “mouse basket”, which is what I may take to calling it from now on.
**With an adorably poofy cloth-diapered butt! Thanks, Mim, for the awesome additions to the diaper stash!



  1. I’m so glad your families were so supportive. =) And, look at that great stash of baby clothes!!! I think Laundry would become my new favorite hobby, too!

  2. From here in the land of the 26 inches I report that my school is already closed for tomorrow. (but i don’t actually teach in NYC)
    I am definitely praying for you. Co’s been helping out with some stuff at my school so she has a snow day, too. πŸ™‚ Much easier when everyone does.
    I am a new reader to your blog and I am wondering if Harpo’s gender is known?
    Looks like such fun preparations!! Congratulations on, I don’t know, getting this far….it is truly an inspiration….

  3. Sadly, Cait’s only getting a 2 hour delay, but at least we’ll sleep in tomorrow.

    We have not found out Harpo’s sex. We think it will be more fun to be surprised!

  4. aw!

    That’s SO great. It can be scary, wondering what may happen in terms of families…

    I WISH I had seen some of the snow!

    Damn. But I DO hope the roads and runways are clear enough for us to land…

    I found your registery, you sneaky little lasses – I had to DIG around!


  5. Cute stuff. I love all the presents, it is one of the best parts of preparing for baby.
    Can’t wait to see if Harpo is a boy or a girl…do you care?

  6. YAY! Sounds like you had a blast & scorred lots of loot. Love the NYU onesie! Go Flaming Violets!

  7. Those greens and yellows are so adorable and spring-like! You are so smart not to find out the gender of your dear Harpo. We couldn’t resist and were swamped in blue then pink respectively. I’m getting so excited for you two!

  8. Sounds like fun!
    I was worried about my dad with Charlie… but he loves him more than anyone could ever imagine. Cait’s family will love Harpo as well. Babies do that to people.
    And congrats on the diaper stash! Diapers, IMO, are way more fun than clothes. Watch out… you’ll be an addict in no time!

  9. Congrats to you both! Looks like you got a lot of great stuff.

  10. love the moses basket! you’re looking mighty cute, too!

  11. Is that you??? Have a fever so am dumb, what i read makes no sense these days, but if it’s you, HI!, if not, very good-looking pg woman anyway!

  12. Hi Lioness, glad to see you round here again – sorry you are feeling lousy.

    The one with the punch bowl on the head – that’s not me! πŸ™‚

    But the pregnant one in the green dress? Yes, me! And the cute one next to me is of course Cait.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  13. Oh oh oh, so you’ve come out! Is that a habit you have? So I saw you AND Cait?? Cait is adorable as well! *waves madly*

    [Hope it’s all right to call lesbians “adorable”, you both really make a very cute couple. I love cute couples and happy love stories and yey, here we have them all.]

  14. You are too funny, Lioness! We can have a mutual adorableness and admiration society! πŸ™‚

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