Posted by: thatjen | February 18, 2006

Deep Thoughts

The idea of “hands” as the theme excited me because I love this picture so much. Cait and I used it as the background for the save the date email we sent out for our wedding.


It’s carefully composed – my hand is on top because after weeks of planning and scrupulous attention to our hands and nails (they NEVER look this good, people) Cait burned her hand twice getting toast out of the toaster.*

Generally speaking I don’t like my hands. They are short and stubby. People are astonished at how small they are – some kids at school have bigger hands than I do. My nails are weirdly shaped and I can’t stand letting them get long (I’m on Moxie’s flaxseed-oil-for-happy-sleepy-babies plan and it’s making me nuts because my nails are growing so fast!). The nails you see in the picture are ver-r-r-ry long for me.

I do love our engagement rings. I had dreams of proposing to Cait with a ring in hand but also wanted us to have matching rings. Plus I have no confidence about choosing jewelry for other people. I was terrified I’d pick a ring she hated – and that would be a lousy way to get engaged! So the proposal(s), unromantic as they were**, were ringless. We went out and chose rings together. The ring we found is very much the ring of my dreams. Cait was apprehensive at first because it seemed so big to her (she likes flat, flat, flat rings only) but has grown to love it. It’s funny to see a picture of just the engagement rings now! Our wedding bands are plain white gold bands.

Speaking of weddings, I’m off to the courts downtown to file my official name change request. We’ve been married*** 3 years now and I’m finally getting around to changing my name. I really want us to all have the same last name as a family, so I am taking Cait’s name. Catch you later!

*Hence, toaster tongs as a Christmas present from me later that year!
**A story for another time, I’m afraid.
***Duh, not legally.



  1. One: I don’t think your hands looks stubby at all.

    Two: I love your rings.

    Three: I’m really into this numbering thing lately.

  2. Beautiful hands, beautiful picture! Glad you found it. And I don’t think your hands look stubby at all. I think they look strong and capable.

  3. You know, photography is all about angles. I took the picture from the most flattering (i.e. non-stubby) angle I could find. You’d be surprised how short my fingers are in reality….

  4. no way do you have stubby hands!
    that photo is so lovely.

    & HURRAH for the name change countdown. How will you guys celebrate?

  5. I agree, definitely not stubby. And I love your rings! Congrats on changing your name; that is very cool. 🙂

  6. Good luck withthe name changes in ocurt. We did that too and what a pain.

  7. Oh—so sweet! Just sweet all around. Lovely, all of it. =)

    ps—I’m with you: I hate it when my nails get too long and look like creepy claw-fingers. Ick.

  8. Beautiful hands..not stubby at all. And beautiful rings too. Now I want to see your hands with wedding bands on too. : ) Oh, and could you throw in a few extra wedding pics? Love wedding pics. Yay on the name change! That’s so exciting. I changed mine about a year after our wedding (and 4 yrs before our legal marriage)

  9. Hands look super. And I love the engagement rings. They look a little similar to my and Lo’s matching engagement rings, which have opals.

  10. This is a great picture. Very beautiful, nice rings, and just a perfect symbol of love.

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