Posted by: thatjen | February 20, 2006

Been There, Done That

At 8:15 this morning we arrived in Baltimore for a doctor’s appointment. At 1:30, we returned home after running a variety of errands. In between, I…

…went to the bathroom at the doctor’s office (twice)
…used the lavatory in Home Depot
…inspected the facilities at Ikea (two times)
…visited the ladies’ room at the cafe where we had lunch


….powdered my nose at Whole Foods.

I’ll let you guess what was the first thing I did when we returned home.

Not counting when we got home, that’s SEVEN TIMES in about five hours, people.



  1. poise pads can be fun…my GM uses them on long car rides.

    just saying…hee hee

  2. Harpo must be dancing on your bladder! šŸ™‚

    I’m so sorry.

  3. Well, the good news is that it does get better. But you have to pop Harpo out first! With all the nursing I’m doing, I think I pee about 2x a day. I’m not kidding! Even if I drink a huge glass of water right before bed, I still don’t have to go for like 10 hours.

    Now that I’ve mentioned water, you probably have to run to the girls room. Sorry…

  4. I hate to break it to you babe, but with all that peeing, I think you must be pregnant.
    Which bathroom was your favorite?

  5. hehehe. Totally understand, as your title says, “been there, done that”

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