Posted by: thatjen | February 25, 2006

Nu Shooz

I’m not a shoe person. I don’t have that many pairs of shoes, and no favorites to speak of. There are a couple of pair that might be considered embarrassing, but it would be a stretch. What’s embarassing is more about me and the way that I buy and treat shoes.

You see, I hate shopping and I hate change. Thus, I tend to buy the same shoes again and again. In most cases, I throw out the old pair. When it comes to sneakers, however, my madness is truly manifest. Instead of throwing them out, I demote the previous pair to a new use. Here you see, from left to right, Chore Sneakers, Casual Sneakers, and Nice Sneakers:

Jen's little problem

Cait finds this hysterical. There are rules about when and where each type can be worn. The only ones I will wear to work — and at that, only on Fridays — are Nice Sneakers (sometimes called Work Sneakers) and the ones you see in the photo are starting to look too cruddy for me to be happy. Chore Sneakers, obviously, are only worn for things like lawn mowing, yard work, and painting. Casual Sneakers fill in the gaps.

Observant onlookers may have noted that the Nice Sneakers are not identical to the two previous pair. Yes, New Balance CHANGED the 608 and added more color to them. This did NOT make me happy. The newest pair is the first in YEARS that are not exactly the same. Over time I have adjusted, though seeing them lined up like this makes the difference glaring and is a bit unsettling, I must admit.

So there you have my shoes.

And Cait’s? Cait had an easy time choosing. She definitely has a favorite pair of shoes right now (though she prefers barefoot or her fleece socks above all else).

Cait's Happy Shoes

She got them at the beginning of the school year and she is in LOVE. Comfy, decent looking, not hideously expensive. What more can you ask?

Thus endeth the Shoe Report.


  1. Your shoes crack me up, Jen. Mine would look pretty much the same, including the green lawn shoes. What kind of shoes are Cait’s? They do look nice and comfy.

  2. I’m a BIG fan of the Adidas Stan Smiths myself. I just keep getting the SAME pair!

    I love ALL of my shoes, so I ahvent’ posted a picture yet…

  3. Jen – I love the shoe collection. I tend to buy not exactly the same ones, but they are remarkably similar. And I keep them way beyond their natural life – they too have ranks & jobs!!!

  4. Be careful Jen – When my dad passed away we found boxes and boxes of the same pair of shoes in his closet. They were all the exact same pair of Nike sneakers. That’s almost worse than being a cat lady.

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