Posted by: thatjen | March 6, 2006

35 words or less

Today is my 35th birthday. Tomorrow I will be 35 weeks pregnant, which means that there are 35 days left until Harpo’s due date. That’s at least 35 kinds of wonderful!


  1. happy, happy birthday from one pisces to another!

  2. Wow! That is a strange coincedence of aligning 35’s! Happy, happy birthday!!

  3. Happy Birthday!

    My word indentification seems like the name of some multi-national electronics companty: syrgtx

  4. happy birthday! much to celebrate!

  5. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Happy happy birthday. So happy for you and baby.

  7. I think you once said on unwellness that you were old. 35?? You’re a spring chicken! Happy Birthday, and WOW on the 35 weeks!

  8. 35 sure sounds like a good number for you. Have a wonderful birthday!

  9. Happy Birthday! Welcome to the 35 club – it’s GREAT!


  10. 1 Million and 35 blessings from God Himself to all 3 of you – I so enjoy your blog……I’m a mother of a gay son who has just adopted their 2nd son with his life partner and can relate to the name change issues.
    Wonderful times ahead – Enjoy, Enjoy..

  11. HAPPY 35’s!!!!

    wooo hoooooo!

  12. Jen, you are so cute with your number games. Hope your birthday yesterday was great!

  13. happy belated birthday! and happy 35 weeks!

  14. Ooops – I was trying to be all fancy so I wrote the post last night and tried to set it to post automatically. It turns out either you can’t do that on Blogger or I can’t figure out how. Anyway, I posted it this morning but it had yesterday’s date because that’s when I wrote it. I just fixed it. But my birthday is TODAY, Monday, March 6, for the record!

  15. Happy Birthday!! 35, 35, 35…neat!

    Erin and Dora

  16. Happy Birthday! Good week to be born (T’s bday was yesterday).

  17. Happy birthday 🙂

  18. Happy Birthday!! I can’t believe Harpo is almost here! Oh, and I love the nursery!

  19. Happy, happy!! May the next year bring lots of joy, happiness, and amazing experiences!

  20. Happy Birthday!

    Can’t help but notice that the post (including the title) equals 35 words!!

    I like numbers too. =)

  21. Thanks, PP! I had to work at that! 🙂 I’m hoping we get to 35 comments, too – how cool would THAT be?

  22. I’m a number lover too, so I’ll help!

  23. Yesterday was my cousin’s birthday, too. I didn’t say it before because I thought it was a day off. It means little but I am just doing my part to get you to 35 comments.

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