Posted by: thiscait | March 29, 2006

No, no, not yet

We are officially 38 weeks, 1 day. Here is Jen (looking somewhat over this whole pregnancy thing*) yesterday at exactly 38 weeks.

38 weeks

Parents at my school have been asking when the baby is coming. My standard response is, “anytime in the next month,” or “If you don’t see me, that probably means something is happening.”

Here at Addition Problems, we hope to give you information, rather than absence. We are planning a home birth, which means that even if Jen goes into labor while at work or out running errands, we’re coming home. Where our computers are. No, I will not be posting updates every 5 minutes. I won’t run to the computer the second the child takes his/her first breath. Some things are more important that updating you, dear readers. We will, however, do our best to make sure the adoring public is kept informed.

For now, though, you can take our silence for what it is. Pure laziness. Or craziness. Or both.

*However, she says she was really just over the whole picture-taking thing.



  1. So looking forward to a post full of information about Harpo and his/her entrance. [Also looking forward to being able to stop with the his/her business and just congratulate you both on your new son/daughter ;)And yes, I am impatient — maybe why I have a preemie?]

  2. Jen, your face says it all: “Okay the novelty of this pregnancy gig is long past being over. I’m done!!!!!” Thinking of you each day and can’t wait to meet Mr or Ms Harpo.

  3. You mean the internet isn’t the center of your universe? ;o)

    Looking forward to reading the good news when it comes

  4. Can’t wait to meet Harpo and hear all about him/her/them/it, including the gender!
    I hope it comes soon, sooner than it did for us at least!

  5. You know it is so rare that somebody recognizes my needs and tries to meet them.

    I adore Add Prob!!!

    Can’t wait for Harpo.

  6. Wow so exciting. These last weeks can be the hardest. Hope the baby comes sooner than later.

  7. Jen DOES look terribly UNcomfortable.

    I hope the last day of work went well, I SURE understnad how crazy that can be. And we can’t wait for Harpo’s arrival!

    Happy Leave of absence, Jen!

  8. I remeber that feeling. you jusrt feel so bloated. She look great though. I’m so excited got y’all to meet your baby soon.

  9. You do look sort of over it, but your belly is still really high, so I would guess (based on a complete lack of expertise) that you have a while yet to go.

    So – if you are home and bored on a Monday or Friday call me and maybe we can do lunch or something. Those are the days when I *usually* do not go to campus.

    Can’t wait to meet the little one!

  10. Jen looks beautiful, and I can’t wait for Harpo’s grand entrance!

  11. Oooooo, we can’t wait!

  12. sending positive labor and delivery thoughts your way, when the time is right!!!

  13. So exciting! It has been wonderful being a voyeur on your journey and I can’t wait to hear about Harpo’s arrival. Thinking of you both. M & Baby G

  14. I’m thinking of you and hoping everything goes swimmingly for the three of you.

  15. Oh, good luck, all 3 of you. Jen, IMO, you are at the worst part now. Fortunately, little Harpo will be along soon, so Cait can carry the baby for awhile. 🙂 I can’t tell you how much better you’ll feel when you can finally put the baby down for a few minutes!

  16. cool cool cool! yes, you look tired, but still great. are those your rings i see on a chain around your neck? mine stayed there for a while even after the delivery. thinking of you every day and wishing nothing but the best for the three of you!

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