Posted by: thatjen | April 3, 2006

Left Out in the Cold

My last day of work was Thursday, so I started my leave, and my “final pre-baby To Do list” on Friday.

Things That Were on My To Do List
1. Send final details of sub plans to substitute
2. Finish writing Birth Plan
3. Set up time for dryer vent cleaning people to come
4. Print out mailing labels for birth annoucements
5. etc.

Things That Were NOT on My To Do List
1. Get harrassed by the *I*R*S*

Guess what actually happened on Friday? Yup. I got a nastygram from the Feds. Apparently, they need more proof that I was a first time homebuyer in 2003. As a friend of mine said earlier when I complained about this, “How can you prove that you didn’t buy something?!” Anyway, I can thank Uncle Sam for keeping me busy until Harpo decides to show up.

(I did get a few things that really were on my list done, too.)



  1. Wow. That really sort of blows my mind. How DO you prove you didn’t buy something? A better question is – does the government really think we’re wandering around secretly buying property without them knowing? Just what I like to do in my spare time. Sneaky secret real estate.

  2. What a pain in the a$%. Can you just document your rental history and income/taxes for them? Do they TELL you what proof they’ll accept?

  3. Jeebus. The IRS should lay off pregnant folks, as a rule. Right?

  4. Wow. I have been reading your blog for a while now but I must admit I did not realize you were a person of such importance, stature, and wealth that the IRS would need to investigate you.

    (BIG SARCASM….all the deep, scary fraud that goes on in this country and they’re after two teachers??)

  5. Argh! Hope you get to meet Harpo soon when can we meet Harpo? Let’s meet Harpo! CONCENTRATE.

  6. good grief! How do you even do that??

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