Posted by: thiscait | May 5, 2006

Bathing Beauty

As of yesterday, Natalie is finally cordless. This morning she got her first real bath. We were expecting screams and wails, given her reaction to the sponge baths she’s had so far. Surprisingly, we got this:

She lost her sense of humor at the end, but who can blame her? I don’t like my baths photographed either.


  1. Oh, look at that beautiful chubby little girl! And a brand new belly button! Yay!

  2. she is so beautiful!

  3. awwwww! Little Mermaid.

  4. Cute, cute, and cute! (and cute and cute for the click-on pictures too). Natalie is wonderful!

  5. Is that baby girl grinning already?? Unbelievable! What chompable cheeks she has…give her some extra smoochies for us!

    Deb and Seph (who adores other babies)

  6. Awwwww! She’s so cute!

  7. What kind of bath tub are you using? It looks pretty handy dandy!!

  8. Love the cheeks!

  9. She is so cute!!! And yeah that bathtub looks super!!

  10. We picked the bath seat because it was cute, but it also turned out to be really functional. She loves it & we do too.

  11. A water baby! She’s so big already!

  12. She’s so cute!

  13. What an adorable litle chubster!

  14. Cutie!

  15. so cute!! i love the fact that she is giving you the finger in the last picture! 🙂

  16. What a gorgeous little girl. 🙂

  17. awwwwww!


  18. She is so gorgeous! Glad she loved the bath.

  19. What a cutie! I’m so glad she likes her bath.

    FWIW, Noah was the same way. He howled through sponge baths, and got fussy pretty quick with the lukewarm bath. But when we moved to using “too hot” water (according to our bath duck thing), he calmed down immediately and only fusses when he’s about halfway dry and starting to get cold.

  20. Oh she’s edible! Edible, I tell you.

    Did you know that? No, I thought not.

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