Posted by: thatjen | May 11, 2006

Kilroy Was Here

Is there something that you buy again and again, yet no matter how many you have, you can never find one when you want it? For me, the top two contenders are nail clippers and chapstick. The chapstick situation is so bad that Cait and I give each other chapstick routinely as gifts (e.g. in Christmas stockings – in our defense, each of us is particular to a brand that is difficult to find). But the nail clippers drive me MAD. I swear I have bought HUNDREDS of them, but they always vanish. If we ever move from this home, I bet I’ll end up with a moving box full of them.

How about you?


  1. What’s the first thing you’ll find after passing my front door ? yep, a basket full of Chapstick !! Being a trumpet player, that thing is a necessity… also an addiction of mine !

  2. Picks and/or wide-tooth combs. I have past shoulder-length super-curly hair, and I can’t physically do my hair without one. Yet I constantly lose them. I think they’re all in a mosh pit somewhere at a Hair Club for Women.

  3. Underpants. I have no idea where they go, and I’m no longer in that stage where they would be left on someone else’s floor!

  4. Nail clippers are my thing too…if my nails need trimming, i cannot get it out of my head until i get some clippers; yet i can NEVER find them when i need them (i have piles of them when i don’t need them). I also have the chapstick thing. And running socks (they always get holes in the toes or lost somewhere).


  5. tweezers and nail files! oh and anyhting I happen to need when I am running late for work in the morning!

  6. Socks! I buy them, I wear them once, I lose them. Except for the holiday socks that I buy when I’m teaching (I refuse to wear the cheesy sweaters/sweatshirts, so I go for the socks). Those? Those I almost never lose and end up wearing Halloween socks in June.

  7. it’s ALL about the chapstick here, too. I never have one when I need it, and thus purchase way too many, leaving them in obvious places so in theory, I’ll bring them with me.

    nope. And then I can’t find them in the house.

    I think Quincy may be hiding them! 🙂

  8. Nail clippers, chapstick (we buy one kind made locally), picks, and TWEEZERS! Plus “weird” stuff like dog collars (we don’t keep the dog in a collar most times).

  9. DebbieS, me too on the wide-tooth combs! I forgot all about that. I have SO many of them because they are the only thing I like to use on my hair.

  10. chapstick, pens, hearing aid batteries, and socks. I can *never* find them.

  11. Pacifiers, elastic hair bands, colored pens for correcting homework, and yes, chapstick.

  12. Toddler size socks always disappear, though we don’t have the same problem with adult socks. And I never seem to have a pen on my desk at work, though they pile up in odd places at home. (There’s a glass on the kitchen windowsill overflowing with pens, but do I remember to bring them to the office? No.)

    Car keys are often in short supply around here, though they’re not an item you can easily buy multiples of. Damn computer chip keys! My husband walks off with my keys so frequently, I’ve had to safety-pin an extra house key inside my purse just to make sure I can always get into my own house without having to jimmy open the back window. Hate doing that.

  13. Sunglasses!

  14. Those are the exact same 2 things we have this problem with. Oh, plus ponytail holders.

    I’m thinking of actually utilizing that little keyring hole on the nail clippers and putting them on my keychain so that I can find them, even if that will make them harder to use.

  15. F-ing nail clippers. And now that we have a baby, we loose our nail clippers AND his nail clippers.

  16. Mine is my glasses. I have 4 different pair plus a pair of sunglasses and I’m constantly saying “have you seen my glasses”.

  17. A quick note on the wide tooth comb: that is the only thing that ever, ever, ever touches my hair. (But I don’t lose it because even the wide tooth comb only touches my hair when it is wet, so it just hangs out in the bathroom.) My hair is quite curly.

    Things we lose now: scrunchies. They must be all hanging out somewhere laughing at us, but they seem to disappear into thin air. And we both use the cloth kind that are not so small.

    A funny story from childhood: the old Fisher Price people (late 70s to the 80s) came in sets with Daddies. The Daddies had green bodies and a few wisps of drawn-on dark hair. Apparently when I was little the Daddies always, always, always disappeared. My mom would buy more and they would still disappear. And I wasn’t doing it on purpose; I would complain about it and ask for more Daddies.
    When I was four, we moved out of the apartment we’d been living in. After all the packing, my mom went back to do a sweep, of course; and she looked in particular for the Daddies. She was convinced that I must have hidden them somewhere, that they’d been lost in those nooks and crannies that might suddenly show up when an apartment is empty. She couldn’t find them. It remains a funny family story to this day.
    I was four, and I have no memory of all this (except that I’ve heard the story over and over) but oh, my. How subtle. No Daddies in my Fisher Price families!!

  18. Sunglasses – this problem particularly in the winter time when the sun is bright off the snow and the stores dont carry many pairs.

    Tweezers – its why I never keep up with plucking, always spending the time finding the tweezers.

  19. For us, its nail clippers, tweezers and the baby’s hairbrush! Every stinking time I go to Babies R Us, I pick one up (they have them right by the registers, which is a nice reminder) and by the next day, its gone.

  20. Nail clippers & tweezers — now I steal Jill’s, and I always put hers back so she doesn’t get mad. Pony tail holders.

    And for Noah, where O where have the cloth diapers we use for “peepee teepees” gone? I think we own 36 of them, so why am I always yelling “have you seen the diapers?”

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