Posted by: thatjen | June 7, 2006


In a STELLAR example of “mommy brain”, I went to the SSA to get Natalie a Social Security card…

…without her birth certificate.



  1. This perhaps will not make you feel any better but I did the exact same thing. The funny thing is that just yesterday I re-lived the memory of it all as I was driving to work.

    The second trip in was much faster since I knew exactly where i was going!

  2. I’m dreading my trip to the SSA. We got a card for Noah, but they got his last name wrong. He didn’t get the hyphen.

  3. wheee… sounds like fun. How long were you there before you realized you didn’t have it?

  4. Ack!

  5. Mommy brain gets worse. But you do learn to laugh about it. LilMan was a YEAR old before I got his birth certificate… I applied twice but ** forgot to sign the check **both times!

    She’s adorable… just adorable.

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