Posted by: thiscait | July 8, 2006

Just What I Did Not Want…

At the end of a lovely birthday morning, in which we ate waffles and Jen gave me a Moby Wrap to better carry our 15 pounder, we got a phone call. It was one of our credit card companies letting us know that someone had fraudulently requested a new credit card sent to a different address. They were able to give a frightening amount of identifying information, but were acting weird enough and missing just enough info to raise some red flags. We have no idea how they got our information. We’re pretty careful not to put too much identifying information out on the blog or anywhere else, and are generally good about shredding things that we don’t want to end up in the wrong hands. We’ve alerted the necessary people, and hopefully things will be OK. However, if you notice photos*, posts or other things being cropped, removed, or otherwise rearranged, it’s just us trying to keep the bad guys away. Ick.

And now we’re heading off to the pool, where we hope to return to our previously scheduled birthday fun.

*No, we don’t think the Natalie Pays the Bills photo series was responsible–it didn’t feature anything even remotely related to the fraud, but we did take it down so as not to take further chances. Sigh. I hate being paranoid.



  1. bugger!!!!!!!!

    what a horrid thing to have to deal with.

  2. Good thing they caught it. Enjoy your birthday!

  3. That is some total suckage. I’m glad your credit card company was on it though!

  4. ugh! so glad they caught it before any damage was done.

  5. Yikes! I’m so glad your credit card company was on the ball. When I throw out sensitive receipts and such, I put them in the bag with the dirty cat litter. I figure that way, if someone gets my info, I can at least picture them filthy and smelly. Think Natalie could help you out there? 😉

    Happiest of birthdays to you, and many, many more!

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