Posted by: thatjen | August 15, 2006

1 Down, 192 to Go

I survived yesterday, and it wasn’t so bad. Thanks for all of your comments and support (and Mindy, you were exactly right – the anticipation was probably the worst part). The hardest parts of the day were actually leaving her (oh, the weeping) and, um, the tortured state of my chest after the most pumping I’ve ever done followed by Natalie’s near permanent attachment once I came back. But the pain will diminish over time, I know, whether psychic or physiological. And I’ve only got to slog through another 192 days until NEXT summer….

Of course, it helped that Cait is home all this week, and that I worked a slightly shortened day, and that we went with my mom to her neighborhood pool after work. The pool has been majorly renovated since I was last there about 15 years ago and has an AWESOME baby pool where Natalie got to wriggle in a “splash beach”. Finishing the day like that almost made me forget I’d gone to work. Really, if I could just work half time, that’s all I’m asking for!

That’s not gonna happen, so I’ll just have to keep working in order to be able to have moments like this:

The Splash Beach



  1. It gets… familiar. I can’t say easier, because I just don’t think that happens. Even though Charlie is with Jean all day, I still hate leaving him in the morning. I constantly remind her to be nice to him and call me if he needs me (or if she needs me) and she’s his MOTHER for crying out loud! I would probably lose my mind if I had to take him to daycare.
    But, it’s not as bad as it once was. I still wish, like you, that we lived in a place where we could afford to have one of us home with him full time, or each of us half the time. But, we don’t. We’re lucky we have the arrangement we have.

  2. I can’t imagine how hard it must be.
    But I bet coming home to such cuteness is the best!

  3. She is just so adorable. I hate that mothers (and fathers) have to go to work when they don’t want to. I know that if I get pregnant I will not want to go to work.

  4. Ok, she is sooo cute! I can’t imagine Logan enjoying himself on his belly in the water. Much crying would ensue. She’s a peach.

    I hear you on the work thing. I agree that it gets familiar. Logan goes to daycare in a week and a half (gulp! I just realized it was so soon) and I think that is going to be torture.

    Glad you made it through your first day and I hope tomorrow is even easier. Hugs

  5. You made it through. I think the first day was the hardest, not that others are easy, but for me, none have been as hard or as disorienting.

    I just try to keep it in perspective: This choice makes the most sense for our family right now. Noah is in good hands, and if circumstances change, maybe we’ll be able to make a different choice. But for now, we’re making the best choice we can.

  6. Way cute picture!!!

  7. Such a cute picture! She is so happy and sweet looking!

    It tears at my heart just to read this post. I don’t know how I’ll ever leave a little one once s/he is here. We may just end up being super crazy poor.

  8. I’m so glad that you sirvived day 1 sans Nat – and that picture is SCRUMPTIOUS!

  9. What a beautiful picture! What a beautiful little girl! Congratulations on coping through your first day away. Hope you enjoy many more wonderful after-work outtings and quality times together.

  10. What a cute little water baby!
    Glad that you all survived the first day somehow.

  11. Jen & Cait, forgot to say, I hope it’s OK if I’ve linked to your blog on mine? And I’ve posted an Aga explanation for you Jen!

  12. i love that picture! natalie is so adorable! i hope your days away from her get easier.

  13. omg…she looks like a little baby seal! I’m sorry you have to leave her to go back to work so soon…this country is so bass-ackwards sometimes! Family values, my a**. Do you at least have a desk to put gorgeous pictures like this on? At least you get to brag about her to other people while at work, small consolation that it might be. Oh yes, and I love both of your new haircuts!

  14. She looks like such a happy little girl. What a pretty water baby.

  15. Yummm…Baby cheeks!

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