Posted by: thatjen | August 21, 2006

On Her Mark, Get Set, Go!

It cannot be called crawling. It cannot be called elegant. But here we sit, watching Natalie do SOMETHING which indubitably results in forward motion. I fear for the future of her nose, as it requires that she place her face on the floor, dig in with her feet, and shove herself forward.

(And the back to work update is: GOOD! She screamed much less, grudgingly took most of two bottles, and took 2 decent naps today. SO much better than we were expecting. Thanks for all of your support and encouragement!)


  1. hurrah for forward motion!!!

    So glad that the transition stuff is getting better. xo

  2. Oh, that’s good news that things are going better with your mom. It sounds pretty traumatic for all concerned.

    Her choice of forward motion sounds entirely appropriate for a Naterpillar!

  3. I’m so glad that Natalie decided that eating and sleeping with someone else was a good idea. I hope she continues to adjust at a reasonable rate.

    And yay for the creeping!

  4. good news all around! and there is a good reason noses are so squishy.

  5. woo hoo – GO Nat, GO!

    (and come and show Malka how to do it, please!) 🙂

  6. SO glad that things are going better!

    Quinn is getting to be quite the ambulator as well. I know what you mean about the nose thing. Quinn walks forward with her legs until her butt is in the air and then loses her balance and rolls over. It’s funny to watch, but she isn’t amused. That reminds me, I have funny video that I need to get posted.

  7. Nat is on the move! It portends good things. And I’m so pleased things are going better on the adjusting front.

  8. Gus did something similar for awhile and got some rug burn on his face- but if they are determined to move they will!

  9. The early crawling sounds very cute!
    I’m glad that the situation with your mom is improving. Growing up, my mom owned an infant care business in our home. It never ceased to amaze me how little time it took for babies to adjust to a new routine and environment. I don’t know if the parents ever completed adjusted, but the kids were fine, hee hee. Even armed with this knowledge, I know I’ll still be a wreck when I go back to work. Brava to you for getting through this tough time.

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