Posted by: thiscait | September 12, 2006

Two-good Tuesday

Jen and I are both home today, making for an unusually blissful Tuesday. Jen has the day off because of election day. I am normally off on Mondays and Tuesdays, though this is my first week on that schedule, so it still feels like a guilty treat, rather than a normal schedule. Natalie played with our faces and babbled happily for about half an hour after waking up this morning, grinning at the TWO MOMS in bed with her who weren’t trying to rush out the door. Together, we walked over to the polls, and introduced Natalie to the voting process. She was outraged to find out that her vote didn’t really count, but was pleasant enough to the election workers while we were there (read: grinned like mad at anyone who looked at her). After running some errands, during which she napped in her stroller, we returned home for lunch and playtime.

I tried yesterday to get a picture of Natalie’s tooth. Highly unsuccessful. With two of us on the job, we were finally able to get one, though it took some doing:

The Tooth

Apparently, with both of her moms home, Natalie felt like showing off. She really, truly laughed (as in, more than a single “ha”) while jumping in my lap. Then she sat unsupported for the longest she ever has.

Holy cow. She really is growing up.

PS – The last time we both had the day off from school with Natalie, Jen fell and broke her arm. This time, Cait cracked her head on the nursing stool while playing on the floor with Natalie and gave herself a mild concussion. Days off are dangerous!
PPS – Mild, folks. Really, really mild. She’s ok, just taking it easy.


  1. Congratulations on the tooth and the sitting!! Big milestones!

    And, Cait, I hope your head starts feeling better.

  2. Malka slept in her stroller while I voted. Clearly, she was unimpressed with the election process…

    eek! Cait – ice, ice baby. And take it easy – esp. after Arden’s fall, I’m all worried about skull fractures now!

  3. Wow, she’s getting so big! It’s unbelievable. Sucks about Cait’s head. Hope it feels better fast.

  4. Yippeee pictures!

  5. ROFL “ice, ice baby”! Good one, Shelli! Cait, baby kisses are excellent for boo-boos!

  6. Oh My God. That is a tooth. Oh, mommies! How does that happen so fast?

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