Posted by: thatjen | September 15, 2006


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Potatoes are the food of the gods, I am convinced. They’re my desert island food. (You know, if you could only have one food, blah blah. Never mind that potatoes wouldn’t grow very well on a desert island.) Sure, that’s a cheat, because to make them wondeful you need other ingredients, but OH, the things you can do with potatoes. And these, which we had for dinner last night were pretty much just plain potatoes. They were organic yellow fingerlings from the Farmer’s Market, and we roasted them with olive oil and salt. Heaven.

What’s your desert island food?



  1. Potatos!!! But if I have to pick something different, I would pick pizza. I love pizza.

  2. Spaghetti with red sauce. Is that two foods?

  3. Narda says bread.

    I say, um just ONE!? ACK. OK, um…do enchiladas count as a food? No? OK, chips and salsa? No? OK – Sushi? No.

    OK, ack.

    OK, great, ask the lady with the food addiction to pick one! Ack.





    no wait, um.


    No. um. OK.

    Yeah, potatoes.

  4. SWEET potatoes. (They’re orange! They’re sweet! They make chips! And fries! And anything else a potatoe* does with more nutritional value!)

    *I like the e. Shut it! Dan Quayle got something right…should I mention that I kind of grew up in the same vicinity of Indiana he did so, you know…maybe it’s a regional thing?

  5. N says hummus (but I’d say coffee so she’d be mostly human. I say… I’d bring bronx bread.

  6. Y’all crack me up. But Miss W? I can’t go there. No E! 🙂

    And JT, you’ll have to educate me. What is Bronx bread? I googled it and still couldn’t figure out.

  7. ice cream… never met a kind i didn’t like!

  8. Wow, Party B, you’ve made me reconsider my desert island food. Potatoes have been my answer for years and years but somehow I was overlooking the best food on earth. I guess I was concentrating on the versatility aspect. I’ll cheat and say potatoes are still my desert island food but ice cream is the desert island dessert!

  9. we’re not allowed to have fingerlings at my house because they creep my wife out.

    But all other “spuds” are totally acceptable

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