Posted by: thatjen | September 16, 2006

We Pause for a Brief Station Snark

A plea to all parents and parents-of-the-future:

If you give your child one name but call her/him something else (e.g. her given name is Hortense Edwina, but you call her Eddie) PLEASE teach the child his/her full name. Otherwise, Eddie may have meltdowns of epic proportion upon entering school and being called, over and over again, “Hortense”.

“But that’s NOT MY NAME!” I hear again and again, in tones of such outrage that you would think I had called the child something obscene. Drives me batty.

End of rant.


  1. We went through that with my youngest sister. She insisted that her name was [nickname], NOT [fullname]. I think that battle was in pre-school, though – by the time she hit kindergarten, I think it was over.

  2. heh – we’re just afraid that Malka will go to school and say, but Malka’s not my name, it’s Malka Palka Pooka Palka!


  3. This kills me. As a medical care provider, when I call a patient from the waiting room by their legal name listed by their insurance (as reported by the PARENTS), the parents look at me like I’m an ass. “Samson Lincterschniter?” “It’s Bubba, you dope.” Uh, sorry? I shoulda known that?

  4. My parents did that to me. πŸ™‚

    I *sobbed* on the first day of 2nd grade, because our very first assignment was to find our desks, which had our names written on them.

    I may have vaguely known that my name was “Elizabeth” but I certainly wasn’t looking for that name, nor did I know how to spell it.

  5. Agreed.

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