Posted by: thiscait | September 26, 2006

New Tricks

We’re tired over here, folks. This working thing, while necessary, is exhausting. Natalie is doing well with Jen’s mom now, but is not sleeping as well at night because she’d like to nurse and be close all night long. Hence, we are not sleeping as well. So that is why there has been not so much posting.

In the absence of words, I give you Natalie’s latest tricks.

(Note that she slithers in the opposite direction of my attempts to gain her attention. Slightly independent, she is.)



  1. The cuteness! I’m melting from the cuteness!

    Go Nat Go!

    It amazes me how far apart in months so many of our babies are, and how we can track development month by month, and how Malka feels so much older than Nat, yet they’re pretty close on the movement front. It’s also amazing, how, in a few year’s time, NONE of the “age” differences will matter. they’ll both be basically the same age.


    We are So lucky to be sharing this time with you three.

  2. It’s a wonder the little beauty can move at all with all her padding round the booty area. I know they say that your bum is meant for padding but thats just craziness!

  3. Well, the cloth diapers add quite a bit to the bottom, especially since we just moved her up to the bigger prefolds. On the rare occasions when our little chubster wears disposables she looks so skinny to us! She’ll be set when she starts trying to stand and falls on her bottom all the time. Whole lotta cushioning there.

    Shelli, we’re so happy to be sharing this time with YOU three.

  4. so cute!
    I love the raspberries in the 1st clip!

  5. Yes, the cuteness!

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