Posted by: thatjen | September 28, 2006

Just A Taste

A few morsels…

  • Our childcare situation is still a bit of a patchwork until mid-October, so I took the day off today. I got to have just the littlest sample of what it would be like to be a SAHM. Lots of housework, but also a glorious walk in the sunshine during which we stumbled upon an outdoor performance by the Banjo Man. We sat in the shade of a great tree with sunshine filtering through the leaves and sang and clapped along with a smattering of moms, nannies, toddlers and babies. Then we went home and played on the floor, blowing raspberries and playing a slow, tummy-scooting version of tag. If I could just have one day at home per week….
  • Somehow, I’ve never gotten around to mentioning that I gave up the smack Coca-cola cold turkey the day after we returned from Michigan this summer. I can’t do moderation. It’s all or nothing for me, sadly. It hasn’t been too bad except for the days when I have to wrangle with the IRS.
  • Speaking of which, it looks like I’m going to have to go to Tax Court. A very NON-cheerful raspberry to that.
  • Natalie’s been so fascinated with food that we’ve done a lot of reading (and a lot of bugging Moxie) about when/why/how and the pros and cons of introducing food. We decided to follow a less-conventional approach — baby-led feeding — and to go ahead and start letting her try out some food. So far she’s had worn bananas and broccoli.

Oh, Wow! What's This?

  • We’ve been sitting in the grass outside a lot lately, and I guess we weren’t as vigilant as we thought we were. It appears (according to her diaper today) that the first solid she actually ingested was grass.


  1. The first solid food I consumed were bogon moths I collected from a lamp in my room so it really could be worse!

  2. Cute! She seems to enjoy her bananas! I think the baby-led thing is cool. Just couldn’t do it because of Picchi’s swallowing problems, but it does interest me.

  3. yikes on tax court! that sounds like hell.
    & really? cold turkey on the coke? wow

  4. pulling grass is FUN when you’re a baby!

    And GO Nat go on the solids. Malka’s a HUGE fan of Oat-E-O’s and “nanners” and that baby crack stuff – “Veggie Booty”

    She HIGHLY recommends the booty – I mean, after all, it does have Kale and Spinach in it…

  5. I thought when two people owned a house together, they could decide which one of them would take the interest deduction? Is that not true for your situation? (Or sorry if I’m misreading/misremembering the situation entirely.)

  6. I love the grass bit. Sorry about the tax crap. Are you going to come for the newly announced Convention?

  7. Noah’s was sand. We REALLY thought we were careful at the beach, but the sandy poops proved us wrong.

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