Posted by: thiscait | October 17, 2006

Because I Know You’re Dying to Know…

…and we’d never keep our readers in suspense…

21 lbs. 25 inches, except that they measured her as 25.5 last time and I know she’s taller now and they didn’t stretch her out at all, so I’m gonna say 26 inches. So Shelli, um, you’re good.

The pediatrician was annoyingly unenthusiastic, and made me feel like an obnoxiously overproud parent.
“Is she working on sitting up at all?”
“Oh, she sits on her own.”
“Well, when she gets teeth-“
“She already has two.”
“Well, make sure she gets enough tummy time.”
“Oh yeah, she prefers to be on her tummy, and is starting to crawl.”

She admonished us to get rid of the night feedings and to make sure she keeps eating “the cereals” if we’re not going to feed her meat so that she gets enough iron. Whatever. I’ll make more of a point of getting the other doctors when we schedule the next appointments.

The new social worker was fine. We stayed up too late last night cleaning, and she didn’t even look at the house. Ugh. But she’s going to have to, so we have to make sure the house is spotless for the next two visits, too. She can mostly use the information from the first home study, which is good. There are a few new clearances and forms that need to be done, but hopefully not much to be redone. We have to fill out a form about the birthmother and tell whether or not she used drugs, etc., but we don’t have to fill out the part for birth father. Isn’t that nice of them?


  1. Hey, wait, I got the length right and was only off by 4oz for the weight. Is there a second prize? πŸ™‚

    Lemme see if I can guess which ped you saw yesterday… I will definitely get first prize for that!

  2. OK, we can give a second prize if you can guess that ped. I’m sure you can. I had actually forgotten that your guess was that close until I went back and looked. Just was shocked that Shelli got exactly what the ped said. πŸ™‚

  3. I’m glad the new SW can use some of the stuff from the old one, and that she was nice and not a blatant homophobe.

    And your pediatrician needs to re-read the AAP guidelines re: iron intake in infants.;115/2/496
    Cereals are not the only iron rich things out there that are not meat.

  4. Well phoey on a drab Ped. I, for one, am amazed at all the cool tricks Nat can do!

  5. Ever wonder if the ped was actually looking at your baby? I mean, I can understand missing some of the skills, if Nat wasn’t actually using them at the time. But missing that she has teeth???

    Good luck with everything else.

  6. What a big girl! Quinn was *almost* 14 pounds…

    Thanks for that article, Jenny.

    We got “the cereal” talk too. She was also pushing solid foods pretty hard. We told her that we weren’t pushing the cereal because it was pretty much empty calories. She brought up the iron thing (until she starts meats — HA!) and told us to mix cereal into her food.

  7. Natalie weighs half again as much as Sanna at 6 months, and they had the same length.

  8. When I told my ped that the lowercase would be primarily vegetarian, he gave me a rather blank stare. (Mr. W is a fanatic carnivore and has caused me to now eat fish and occasionally poultry) He admonished me to make sure that we fed him a lot of tofu, beans, eggs and dairy.

    Can’t believe Natalie is so big! She’s about the same size as my almost-1-year old!

    I’m also shocked that they are requiring you to fill out information about the birth mother since the birth mother lives in the house…shouldn’t this be treated the same as step-parent adoption? It’s not like your child has no genetic ties to anyone in the household. I’m flabbergasted.

  9. wow oh wow on the stats! Hannah is 25+” but still scrawny skinny girl (she FINALLY got some rolls on her!)

    Also – cannot believe the second parent adoption stuff requires “birth mother” stuff… that’s sorta crazy and now will be included in my dissertation under the section “crap they make parents do when they have to adopt their own kids”. Beth is just starting out on this path but I am pretty sure we don’t need to let them know if Hannah’s birth mother was a drug user or not! OMG!

  10. I’m glad that you have a “take what you like and leave the rest” approach to the Ped.

    And GO Nat, GO! That sounds healthy to me.

    Sorry about the cleaning – I hear ya. But for the record, social workers just want to make sure you’re not living in squalor. Having a pot of coffee or tea handy can go a long way, too.

    I bet you guys will be faboo with the next two visits!

  11. Yeah, don’t even get me started about the birth mother thing.

    We’re not giving her cereal. Foods are primarily for exploration and discovery until 12 months, not nutrition. If they haven’t been exposed to artificial sources of iron (through vitamin supplements, fortified cereal, or formula), breastfed babies get all the iron they need from the milk. (And my heme levels have always been high, veggie or no – I have a feeling Natalie will be the same way.) If you actually LOOK at this kid, you can tell pretty easily that she us thriving on the diet she’s got. I’m not messing with it.

  12. Be devoted. Weakness will be exploited, so if you have any dboubt work on that first. If you are devoted it is the quickest path to progress and encouragement.

  13. Go, Natalie, go! It sounds like she’s doing great. Boo on the unenthusiastic doc. I’ve never had the opportunity to tell the ped about any *advanced* skills for Picchi and Pacchi, but even so she always acts happy and caring about their personal progress. Is there anyone else you can see? Don’t know about the cereal debate, as my kid had bad anemia and needed extra iron in addition to that in breastmilk. However, I think you are right that you should keep doing what works since she is thriving. Go, moms, go!

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